Ubi-Health Summer School

25 Noviembre, 2015 - 09:00
Auditorio Ramón Picarte, 3er. piso edificio norte
Prof. Sergio Ochoa (Summer School Chair)


Nov. 25-27, 2015


Ambient Intelligence (AmI) has been realized as a transversal scenario for several application domains, in which consumer electronics, telecommunications and computing play a key role. This computing paradigms is empowered by the tremendous advancements in technology that make computing pervasive and ubiquitous, and that is enabled by the demands of people to live in an interactive environment that deals with their various needs.


One natural, critical human need where AmI can be used is healthcare, where quality of life can be improved. While Ambient Intelligence in health applications is increasingly getting research momentum, it does not reach a level of maturity yet. Reasons for such deficiency include not only the challenges of understanding the health domain by computer scientists, but also the difficulty of dealing with a critical domain where errors are unacceptable. Thus, the AmIHealth Summer School is aimed at boosting this research area, by focusing not just on innovations on the infrastructure and technology required for achieving the ambient intelligence in health, such as smart environments and wearable medical devices, but also on the development of novel testing, verification and evaluation techniques that make possible the actual implementation of such innovations.


This Summer School is part of the diffusion and collaboration activities conducted by the project UBIHEALTH: Exchange of Excellence in Ubiquitous Computing Technologies to Address Healthcare Challenges.