Docencia del Departamento de Ciencias de la Computación

 Department of Computer Sciences / Departmento en Ciencias de la computación
In just over a few years, and at an astonishing rate, computer science has touched our daily lives and is present in practice and development of almost every area of human knowledge today. In this process, the Departamento de Ciencias de la Computación (DCC) (Department of Computer Sciences) of the Universidad de Chile actively participates in important research, propelling the technological revolution that started three decades earlier.

Conscious of the recent informatics explosion, a group of academics and scientists founded the department in 1975. The mission: to be a center of excellence in education, research and innovation, within the various areas of Computer science in Chile and abroad. Since then, the DCC has fulfilled its mission by means of its dedication and responsibility towards its students, research projects, public and private technological partners.

The DCC is driven by the need to provide educational excellence and produce works of international relevance applicable to the development of the nation. As part of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematical Sciences of the Universidad de Chile, we offer the Civil Engineering and Computer Science studies program, accredited for 7 years, the maximum allowed by law.  Similarly, we offer Master and Doctorate degrees in Science, both with a major in Computer Science, and a Master of Information Technology.

Additionally, we have developed the Continuing Education and Training Program for professionals whose interest is in updating their knowledge on emerging technologies and to acquire new skills and opportunities.

Among educational lines, our programs represent the best that Chile has to offer, and our graduate students are highly sought after and valued for their industrial and academic endeavors.

The faculty consists of a prestigious full-time academic group of professionals made up of twenty highly ranked Chilean and foreign professors all with postgraduate degrees from European, North American and Chilean universities. One of the duties of this group is to focus on scientific research in the field, design systems of high technological and engineering complexity, as well as processes and knowledge production in which our students actively participate.
Part-time professors are also a significant addition to our staff of scientists, demonstrating technical excellence and teaching vocation, and deep involvement with the computer and technology industry.


Our researchers regularly participate in competitions, receiving funding through grants. At the same time, they publish an average of 100 scientific articles for international conferences and for prestigious specialized journals. They also attend international conferences in Computer Science, establish important networks, initiate projects of relevance, and perform research studies in tandem with international universities and leading centers in the field.

Every year our department researchers lead successful projects in technology research and development. The national management of “dot Cl” (“.cl”), NIC Chile; the educational computer science center, C5; the Incidents Response Team for Computational Security, CLCERT; the Center for Web Research, the Latin American and Caribbean Collaborative ICT Research, LACCIR, and the Yahoo! Laboratory are all successful outcomes of our scientific work.
As a Department, we provide consulting services that include analysis, design and implementation of computing systems, elaboration of bidding terms, process analysis on software development and technological platforms.

History backs our scientific vision and technological approach, as we face daily educational, research and innovation challenges. At present, the DCC is providing knowledge building and product development that in the near future will surely result in positive changes within our society.

It is of utmost importance for the DCC to promote education at a high level of excellence and inspire knowledge production of international relevance to be applied to the country´s growth. Belonging to the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences of the Universidad de Chile, we are responsible for teaching the Civil Engineering in Computing program; accredited for the maximum period of 7 years.

At the same time, we offer the postgraduate programs: Master and Doctorate (Magíster and Doctorado) in Sciences; both with a specialization in computing and a Master of Information Technologies (Magíster en Tecnologías de la Información). Within these programs, students receive guidance in contributing to research and development of new technologies in an original way.


We also rely heavily on the Continuing Education and Training Program (Programa de Educación Continua y Capacitación), aimed at professionals in the area that seek to update their emergent technolgical knowledge as well as acquire new skills.