A Design Science Method for Developing IS Artefacts

Prof. Pedro Antunes, Professor at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
7 Enero, 2015 - 15:00
Auditorio DCC


Abstract: In New Zealand and many European countries, PhD students and supervisors are facing an increasing demand to complete research studies in no more than 3 years and yet publishing in quality outlets during that period. This situation seems particularly challenging in areas involving the design and development of innovative applications and systems, where the existing knowledge base can be scattered, unstructured, incomplete, and sometimes conflicting, research goals are often exploratory, and a significant effort must be spent in software engineering. In this talk, we present a method based on the principles of design science to address this problem. The proposed method includes four key components: scoping literature reviews, conceptual modelling, ontology building, and artefact development. A discussion of the proposed method is held in the context of two PhD research studies involving crowdsourcing and business process modelling. 



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