Panel: Research on the impact of organizational behavior theory in enterprise systems

Prof. P. Antunes, Prof. V. Herskovic, Prof. S.Ochoa, Prof. J.A. Pino
7 Noviembre, 2012 - 14:30
Auditorio 4to piso, DCC

A Panel with: Prof. Pedro Antunes (Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand), Prof. Valeria Herskovic (P. U. Católica de Chile), Prof. Sergio Ochoa (Univ. de Chile), Prof. José A. Pino (Univ. de Chile)


The discussion is focussed on the following research questions:

What is the impact of organizational behavior theory and models on computer science and in particular enterprise systems?

Which particular areas of computer science have been most influenced by those theories and models?


Organization theory is a broad subject covering a large number of topics, from history to economics. According with the JEL (Journal of Economic Literature) classification system, organization theory covers 19 main categories, each one decomposed in multiple subcategories. One such category is “organizational behavior” (JEL D23), which is related with the study of individuals and their actions in workplace settings.

Enterprise systems, on the other hand, have been widely adopted by organizations and they have been considered a significant area for multidisciplinary research.

However, preliminary searching tests for publications in these two areas revealed that there is very little intersection between “organizational behavior” and  “computer science”. This is counterintuitive, because one would expect positive influences between them.

The purpose of this panel is to try to define a research agenda for better understanding the possible synergies and impediments between these two areas.


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