Research Professors at the DCC

One imperative of the Department´s full-time professors is to carry out scientific research in computing and systems design of a high technological and engineerial complexity. This work is carried out by twenty-one scientists who work in ten or more areas of research.


Nelson Baloian T.


Jérémy Barbay


Pablo Barceló


María Cecilia Bastarrica P.


Alexandre Bergel


Felipe Bravo Márquez


Benjamín Bustos C.


Claudio Gutiérrez


Francisco Gutiérrez


Alejandro Hevia A.


Nancy Hitschfeld


Aidan Hogan


Gonzalo Navarro B.


Sergio F. Ochoa


Federico Olmedo


Jorge Pérez


José A. Pino


Bárbara Poblete


Patricio Poblete


María Cecilia Rivara


Jaime Sánchez I.


Jocelyn Simmonds


Éric Tanter