Charla: "Visualizing Software Dynamics"

Fabian Beck, University of Stuttgart, Germany.
13 Enero, 2016 - 14:30
Auditorio Ramón Picarte
Alexandre Bergel



Software is not just a static set of code fragments, it is dynamic – code changes over time and programs show dynamic behavior when being executed. This talk introduces how visualization could help better understand and analyze these two dimensions of software dynamics. I present both architecture-centric overview visualizations and detailed code-centric visual representations to support various software maintenance and program comprehension tasks. Finally, I discuss challenges for leveraging the two dynamic dimensions within integrated visualizations.




Fabian Beck is a postdoctoral researcher at VISUS, University of Stuttgart, Germany. In 2013, he obtained his Dr. rer. nat. (PhD) degree in computer science from University of Trier. In his dissertation, he investigated multi-dimensional coupling graph structures of software systems. In general, most of his research is focused on methods for visualizing and comparing large and dynamic graphs and hierarchies, often in the context of software engineering. In recent projects, he also studies the use of word-sized visualizations embedded in source code and text.