María Cecilia Bastarrica P.

Registro de Publicaciones en 2011
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Benjamin Weyers, Wolfram Luther, Nelson Baloian. Interface Creation and Redesign Techniques in Collaborative Learning Scenarios. Future Generation Computer Systems (FGCS) 27(1):127-138, Jan 2011. Elsevier Science, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. ISSN 0167-739X.


Investigadores del DCC se adjudican proyectos Fondef

De los tres proyectos adjudicados por la Facultad, en dos participan investigadores del DCC.


Disponible cuarta edición de la Revista Bits de Ciencia

En este número, se entrega una visión sobre las TIC en Chile y ofrece una reseña de los 35 años de vida del DCC.

Registro de Publicaciones en 2010
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David Azócar, Marcelo Elgueta, María Cecilia Rivara. Automatic LEFM Crack Propagation Method Based on Local Lepp Delaunay Mesh Refinement. Advances in Engineering Software 41(2):111-119, Jan 2010. Elsevier Science, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. ISSN 0965-9978.


María Cecilia Rivara, Carlo Calderón. Lepp Terminal Centroid Method for Quality Triangulation. Computer-Aided Design 42(1):58-66, Jan 2010. Elsevier Science, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. ISSN 0010-4485.


Registro de Publicaciones en 2009
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Antonio Ferreira, Pedro Antunes, José A. Pino. Evaluating Shared Workspace Performance Using Human Information Processing Models. Information Research 14(1):article 388, Mar 2009. University of Scheffield Department on Information Studies, Sheffield, England. ISSN 1368-1613. 


Registro de Publicaciones en 2008
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David Röthlisberger, Marcus Denker, Eric Tanter, Unanticipated Partial Behavioral Reflection: Adapting Application at Runtime. Computer Languages, Systems and Structures, Vol. 34(2-3), July/October 2008, pp. 46-65.


Renzo Angles and Claudio Gutierrez, Survey of Graph Database Models, ACM Computing Surveys, Vol 40, Nº1, 2008.


Registro de Publicaciones en 2007
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Alistair Moffat, William Webber, Justin Zobel, and Ricardo Baeza-Yates, A pipelined architecture for distributed text query evaluation, Information Retrieval, Vol. 10, Nº 3, pp. 205-231, 2007.


Gustavo Zurita, Pedro Antunes, Nelson Baloian, Felipe Baytelman, Mobile Sensemaking: Exploring Proximity and Mobile Applications in the Classroom, Journal of Universal Computer Science 13(10), 2007, 1434-1448.


Registro de Publicaciones en 2006
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Ricardo Baeza-Yates, Barbara Poblete, Dynamics of the Chilean Web Structure, Computer Networks , 50, pp. 1464-1473, 2006.


Daniel Donchety, Claudio Gutiérrez, Normal Forms for Binary Relations, Theoretical Computer Science 360 (1-3) 2006, 228-246.


Jaime Sánchez, M. Saenz, 3D Sound Interactive Environments for Blind Children Problem Solving Skills, Behavior & Information Technology Volume 25, Number 4, July-August, 2006, pp. 36.


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