Charla: "Security Challenges in the Chilean EMV payment system" / SUSPENDIDA

Leo Freitas, Martin Emms (Newcastle University), Francisca Moreno (Intel Security)
22 Enero, 2015 - 12:00
Auditorio DCC, tercer piso.


EMV is the contact and contactless payment protocol supported by the major credit card companies in the world and has been deployed in Chile since 2012. It replaces the familiar magnetic strip cards with chip cards. A cryptographic protocol is executed between the chip and the point of sale terminal, which is then confirmed by the bank servers. Even when most people assume that EMV protocol is inherently secure, due to the presence of the cryptographic operations, the protocol design allows the implementation of many flaws that can be executed in different attacks.


In the talk, we walk through some of the most recent attacks for contact, and contactless cards, their reasons behind them and study their possible existence in the Chilean credit card environment, basing our conclusions on the available information about the current credit cards used by major banks in Chile.


*La charla será en inglés.