Charla: Redes y Clouds comunitarias, un modelo cooperativo de infraestructuras digitales resistentes y sostenibles.

Leandro Navarro, profesor asociado UPC, Barcelona,
12 Abril, 2017 - 12:00
Auditorio Ramón Picarte
Prof. Sergio Ochoa


The Internet and cloud services are key enablers for participation in an increasingly digitized society. The need for Internet access in underserved areas has often been a motivation to develop community networks. Many examples around the world show successful cooperative developments of open, participatory local networking infrastructures organized as a resource commons. In this talk, we explore the feasibility of the design and implementation of community cloud as commons: user-driven sustainable networking, cloud resources and services placed at the network edge by and for communities. Our inspiration and environment for development and experimentation is the community network. We have worked with to understand and develop the elements of a governance model that is participatory and sustainable for community clouds as commons. This work is part of a partnership between academic, social and governmental organizations around the world, including the IGF Dynamic Coalition on Community Connectivity, the IEEE Internet Initiative, the testbed, the EU project, or the ISOC Beyond the Net program.