Charla: “Organizational Design and Engineering”

Pedro Antunes
23 Enero, 2012 - 14:30
Auditorio DCC, 3er piso

Pedro Antunes - Department of Informatics - Faculty of Sciences - University of Lisboa

This talk addresses some of the challenges of Organizational Design and Engineering (ODE), a conceptual proposition whereby the design of organizations and the engineering of information systems are seen as a single entity, focused simultaneously on improving the organizations’ structures and on leveraging organizational knowledge and learning through technology support. A conceptual model has been developed highlighting the main divergent and convergent facets of ODE. In particular, two fundamental divergences are discussed: (1) drifts in the representation of work caused by modeling business processes that do not reflect the work practices; and (2) dissimilarities in the perceptions of organizational agility caused by the different aims of organizational designers and IS engineers. Several research projects tackling divergences in representation and agility are presented and discussed.