Charla: Design (Science)

Prof. Pedro Antunes
17 Diciembre, 2010 - 11:00
Auditorio DCC, 3er piso.

Most if not all of today's organizations face tremendous challenges regarding the ways they traditionally structure their activities and resources, and reach the outward. These challenges naturally permeate informatics. In this regard, we may find some particularly interesting wicked problems, for instance, the "requirements problem" (how to define the systems' technical, human and organizational requirements), the "control problem" (how to manage the interdependencies between humans and technology), the "resilience problem" (how to develop flexibility, overcoming internal failures and external demands), and the "knowledge management problem" (how to support the information flows necessary to perceive the context and make decisions).

The emerging concept of "design science" addresses such wicked problems from a new perspective that builds upon the areas of engineering (systems design, software design), sciences (human factors, cognition, modeling), management (organizational design) and arts (product design, innovation).

This presentation draws upon about 15 years researching and teaching information systems design with a "design science" perspective both at engineering and at arts schools. We will start with a brief overview of the design science roots and some of its more representative evolutions. Then we will debate some of the design science fundamentals, discussing why design is becoming a critical asset in organizations, and what may be the implications for the software field. The discussion is punctuated with numerous examples taken from students' projects. By the end, we will open the debate towards the implications for research, practice and curricula development in informatics.

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