Charla: “Hop.js: JavaScript Multitier Programming”

Manuel Serrano
3 Diciembre, 2018 - 15:00
Grace Hopper, sala N° 307 (3er piso, Edificio Poniente)
Prof. Alexandre Bergel



Hop.js is a multitier programming environment for JavaScript. It allows a single JavaScript program to describe the client-side and the server-side components of a web application. Its runtime environment ensures consistent executions of the application on the server and on the client. In this presentation we will overview the language design and its implementation. We will show that the concept of “programs generating programs” is ubiquitous in the system and we will show how it makes it possible to conceive web applications globally.


Manuel Serrano is a Senior Scientist at INRIA, leading the INDES (Informatique Diffuse et Sécurisée) team in Sophia-Antipolis. After completing his PhD (Paris VI, 1994), on the compilation of functional languages, he moved to Nice and created the Bigloo development environment for Scheme. He joined INRIA in 2001, and has focussed on development environments for the diffuse web since 2005. He is the author of the Hop.js system, a web multitier development environment for JavaScript. Since 2016 his researches focus on the efficient implementation of JavaScript and on Web Reactive Programming.