Charla CIWS: "Semantic Annotators - how good are they, and how can we make them better?"

Michael Benedikt, University of Oxford
30 Mayo, 2014 - 10:30
Auditorio DCC, tercer piso.
Pablo Barceló, académico DCC / director adjunto Centro de Investigación de la Web Semántica




This will be an informal talk discussing a line of research in Oxford on using semantic annotation services. The talk will overview what these services are, and discuss what we have discovered experimentally about their behavior. It will then go over some approaches we have developed for increasing the reliability of annotators, embedded in the ROSeAnn system for integrating and reconciling semantic annotations.


This is joint work with Luying Chen, Giorgio Orsi, and Stefano Ortona, to be presented at VLDB’14.


About the speaker:


Dr. Michael Benedikt is a professor at Oxford University's computer science department, and a fellow of University College Oxford. He came to Oxford after a decade in US industrial research laboratories, including a position as Distinguished Member of Technical Staff at Bell Laboratories. He has worked extensively in mathematical logic, finite model theory, verification, database theory, and database systems, and has served as chair of the ACM's main database theory conference, Principles of Database Systems. The current focus of his research is Web data management, with recent projects including querying of the deep Web, querying and integration of annotated data, and querying of web services.


*Charla organizada por el Núcleo Mileno Centro de Investigación de la Web Semántica