Charla: “Topic: Typed Functional Programming with OCaml”

Fabrice Le Fessant
6 Noviembre, 2013 - 12:00
Auditorio DCC

Fabrice is a researcher at INRIA, French National Institute of Computer Science, in Paris. After developing peer-to-peer software (MLdonkey, Peerple) for 10 years, he founded OCamlPro in 2011, a startup to promote the use of the [OCaml programming language]( in the industry.  Since then, OCamlPro has been working on developing the [TypeRex programming studio]( for OCaml, and on improving the accessibility of OCaml, releasing tools such as [OPAM]( and [Try OCaml](    


In the common belief, programming languages have to choose between expressiveness, usually represented by Python and other script languages, performance, represented by C++ and other low-level languages, and safety, represented by Ada and other strongly typed languages. In this talk, I will present OCaml, a typed functional programming language, that shows that these three properties can meet peacefully in the same language. In particular, OCaml strong static type-system does not require type annotations, it allows the language to provide expressive constructs, such as deep pattern-matching, and can be used by compilers to perform optimizations leading to very efficient code.