Charla: "Giving Presentations: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly"

Renato Cerro, profesor de inglés DCC / Bárbara Poblete, académica DCC.
5 Junio, 2013 - 16:15
Auditorio DCC, tercer piso.
Bárbara Poblete, académica DCC.


As many students have experience writing and presenting their work, many do not, leaving them without a clue as to where to start.


Like writing, presenting your ideas to a crowd can be a daunting task. With practice you can learn to hone your skills in a way that sharpens your self-confidence and gives your ideas the necessary plausibility for which your audience can engage.


In this presentation, we will look at some of the important ideas related to good presentations (audience, style, things to avoid or include, mannerisms, length of time, graphics use, etc). This can also be a time for you to share some ideas on what worked or did not work for you in the past.


* Update: También se discutirán buenas prácticas para presentaciones técnicas, propias de la computación (en conjunto con Bárbara Poblete).