Charla: “¿Es posible migrar software desde el mainframe a la nube? ¡Claro! Te cuento cómo ...”

Johan Fabry, Raincode Labs (Bélgica)
11 Enero, 2022 - 14:30
En vivo a través de
Comunicaciones DCC

At Raincode and Raincode Labs we modernize legacy software along two big axes: firstly we migrate software off of the mainframe (Raincode) and secondly we provide bespoke compilers, typically for old and niche programming languages (Raincode Labs). In this talk I will speak about both axes. First (Raincode) I will present some of the unique challenges of moving software off of the mainframe and how we address them, including an overview of our IBM mainframe assembler compiler. Second (Raincode Labs) I will talk about some of our compiler work that has been performed in close cooperation with academia: re-targeting the assembler compiler to a different platform and building automated testing of the PL/I compiler through precomputation-based program generation.

*La charla será en español.



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