"Linking Open-world Knowledge Bases using Nonmonotonic Rules"

Mantas Simkus (TU Wien)
28 Enero, 2016 - 10:00
Sala 315, Tercer Piso, Beauchef 851
Millennium Nucleus Center for Semantic Web Research
SEMINAR -  Millennium Nucleus Center for Semantic Web Research

Date: Thursday 28th January from 10am-11:20am.
Venue: Auditorio Edificio Nuevo, DCC, Universidad de Chile.
Talk: "Linking Open-world Knowledge Bases using Nonmonotonic Rules", by Mantas Simkus (TU Wien)

Integrating knowledge from various sources is a recurring problem in Artificial Intelligence, often addressed by multi-context systems (MCSs). Existing MCSs however have limited support for the open-world semantics of knowledge bases (KBs) expressed in knowledge representation languages based on first-order logic. To address this problem we present knowledge base networks (KBNs), which consist of open-world KBs linked by non-monotonic bridge rules under a stable model semantics. Basic entailment in KBNs is decidable whenever it is in the individual KBs. In particular, for networks of KBs in well-known Description Logics (DLs), reasoning is reducible to reasoning in dl-programs of Eiter et al. As a by product, we obtain an embedding of Motik and Rosati’s hybrid MKNF KBs, which amount to a special case of KBNs, to dl-programs. We also show that reasoning in networks of ontologies in lightweight DLs is not harder than in answer set programming.

About the speaker:

Mantas Simkus is a research assistant at the Database and Artificial Intelligence Group of the Institute of Information Systems at TU Wien, Austria. He has received his PhD in 2010 for research on logic programs with function symbols and negation under the stable model semantics. His current research is around rule-based knowledge representation languages, description logics and the combinations of thereof.